It’s time to watch the Olympics.

The last time the Games were held, we were told to be in bed and not do much, but that’s not the case this year.

As the Games are due to start on Saturday, we’ve got some time to make our plans.

The games are expected to draw about 12 million people, so we’ve decided to get up early.

The weather will be lovely and we should be ready for it by 10am on Sunday morning.

We’ve already started to plan the day ahead and will have a big feast.

We have an all-you-can-eat buffet, including fish and chips, steak and chips and pasta, along with delicious desserts.

We also have an ice-cream bar, which will be the first ice-cafe in the Games.

We’ll be getting a good breakfast too.

We have to start by making a choice: what to order?

The menu will include traditional Chinese dishes such as wok chicken, fried fish and shrimp, and a selection of regional dishes including tamarind soup, tofu noodles, and chicken curry.

We’ve got a selection from a selection menu from The Restaurant, and the main dish is a hearty soup made from chicken and duck, with lots of rice and vegetables.

The soup will be topped with chicken and mushrooms.

For the dessert, we have a range of desserts from our local ice- cream bar and the new ice-fairy bar.

For dessert, you can choose from the popular ice-bake desserts such as ice-covered chocolate, and we have also got chocolate-covered caramel apple ice-flakes.

In our menu, we also have a selection that has something to offer, such as a variety of snacks including fresh fruit, ice-cold coffee and smoothies.

The menu is also full of different snacks, including soft drinks, hot chocolate and fruit smoothies, as well as frozen treats such as cookies, meringues and banana cream.

We should be able to find some decent breakfast too, as we are getting a large breakfast buffet.

We’ll have a number of dishes that include chicken, fish and eggs with rice, but you can also choose to have a variety and have some variety with fruit.

There are also lots of delicious breakfast sandwiches, and sandwiches are the way we like to eat at home.

We are also planning to have some great cocktails, as there will be a variety at the ice-pukkas, as part of the main course.

We’re hoping to have cocktails like this in the evening.

We’re hoping we’ll get some good advice from the Olympic staff, who are the best advice we can get.

There will be people in charge of the hotels and accommodation, so you’ll be able hear what the Olympic people are doing.

The hotels will have their own chefs and be able give you a list of dishes and drinks.

There will be some fantastic meals in the hotels too, which are sure to satisfy all the different tastes.

We will also be enjoying some of the great sports venues, including the famous Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Village.

The venues will be open from 1.30pm on Saturday and from 6.30am on Monday.

There is also a lot of food in the Olympic village.

There are also some great sporting events going on at the games, including football and hockey.

We will also see the games in our village on Saturday night, so there is plenty to do there.

We hope to see a very positive and entertaining atmosphere, with a lot more people in attendance than usual, so it should be a fantastic time.

We are excited to be taking part in the games.