In a world that craves more beautiful pictures, there’s one thing you can do to get more: post them.

You can even post them on Facebook.

Facebook’s Photo Sphere is a new feature that lets you post a beautiful photo from your phone or tablet to the social network.

Here are 5 ways to get some.


Use Facebook Messenger with Beautiful Photos in Messages.

Messenger has its own photo-sphere feature, but it’s not as intuitive as using Facebook’s photo app.

Here’s how to get it working: Tap the Messenger icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Go to Settings.

In the top left corner of the screen, tap on Messenger.

In Messenger, tap Photos.

In this window, tap Add photos to your wall.

If you don’t see this window at first, you’re on Messenger, and you can also see it in the Messages app.

If not, tap the + sign in the upper right corner to open the Messenger app.

You’ll see a list of photos that you can add to your photo sphere.

Tap the first photo in the list and click on Add.

It will create a new photo that you need to share.


Use Instagram Photos to Post Beautiful Pictures to Messenger.

Instagram photos have a new image sharing feature, so you can use it to post beautiful pictures to Facebook Messenger.

Tap Settings > Photos.

On the Profile tab, tap Share this photo.

Under “Share this photo,” tap the share button.

You will see a notification saying “Your photo was shared to Instagram.”


Share a Photo Sphere to Instagram or Facebook Messenger via WhatsApp.

You need to add a photo to your beautiful photos in Messenger.

To do this, tap Settings > Photo Sphere.

On “My Photo Sphere,” tap “Add to My Photo Sphere.”

You can also add a new, empty photo to the image sphere by tapping “Add new photo.”

You’ll also see a photo that’s the same size as your photo, but with a new shape.

The size of the new shape is based on your camera’s sensor size, and the width of the image is based off your phone’s screen size.

You also can share your photos on WhatsApp.

Tap WhatsApp on your smartphone’s screen to open Messenger.

On WhatsApp, tap My Profile > Add Photo.

On this screen, click on the photos you want to share to Instagram.

If they are tagged, you’ll see their names and pictures at the bottom of the list.

Tap OK to share your photo.

WhatsApp can also send you a link to your new photo on Instagram or to Facebook.

Tap a photo on Facebook Messenger to view its caption and other details.

Tap Add to share the photo to WhatsApp.


Use WhatsApp to Send Beautiful Photos to Facebook Messages.

WhatsApp’s PhotoSphere lets you share photos on Facebook in the same way you would on Messenger and Instagram.

Tap on Settings > Messages.

On Messages, tap Messenger.

Under the Profile section, tap your photos and add them to your profile.

You have a few options to select the best location for your photos: The “Best Place to Post” tab lets you choose your preferred location.

The “Location of Your Photo” section lets you select the location of the photo from the map.

You may also want to choose “Recommended Location” if your photos are tagged and you don.

You won’t need to do this if your photo is in a group or a group of your photos is tagged in Messenger or Instagram.


Use Photo Sphere in WhatsApp and Instagram to Send Gorgeous Pictures to Facebook in Messages and Instagram by Adding Beautiful Photos.

To use the Facebook Messenger Photos Spheres feature in WhatsApp or Instagram, tap WhatsApp on the phone screen.

From the top menu, tap Messages.

Tap Messages.

Select the Messenger and WhatsApp photo spheres in your profile and select the “Send Photos” tab.

Select “Beautiful Photos” from the dropdown menu.

On your Messenger profile, you can share photos and more with friends, family, and anyone in your network.

You do not need to have Messenger on your phone to use this feature.

To get the Facebook Spheres to work in Instagram, open the Instagram app and tap the menu icon at top right.

Tap Instagram.

You should see the Messenger photos Spheres list.

You don’t need Instagram to use these Spheres.


Use Photos Spheets to Post Your Beautiful Pictures in Messenger and Facebook to Get more Beautiful Pictures.

You already have Instagram Photos Spherces in your phone, so these are just the photos that are tagged with your photo profile.

To add a beautiful picture to Facebook, you must have Instagram photos tagged in your photos profile.

Tap Facebook > Messenger and then tap your profile photo.

If it’s the exact same picture, tap “Save.”

Tap “Add photo to my profile.”

Tap your photo from Facebook and choose “Edit.”

You will be prompted to select a name for your photo in Messenger