Here are the best things to do when it comes to making your face more appealing to your loved ones.


Make your skin a little less wrinkly, too.

If you’re already prone to acne, you may find that adding a bit of shine to your skin can help reduce the signs of it. 2.

Get a face mask.

It may not be a must-have for every family, but a good one can help ease any irritation. 


Get rid of your mascara.

A mask can be useful for preventing breakouts as well as helping to smooth out the lines around your eyes and nose.4.

Take your hair off.

A hair removal service can also help ease some of the irritation of acne and could be a good way to make your face look a little more natural.


Make sure your eyebrows are groomed.

A good eyebrow routine can help to prevent the need for eyebrow injections, which can irritate your skin. 


Try a new face wash.

A great facial scrub is essential for keeping your skin and hair looking and feeling natural. 


Do a little light makeup.

Light makeup can make your cheeks and lips pop and can even help to make them glow, making them even more appealing.


Wash your teeth.

A regular brushing of your teeth is essential to preventing the appearance of plaque and bacteria, which may lead to an even more noticeable look.


Wash and moisturise your skin before heading to the bathroom.

It can be hard to stop the spread of acne if you’re still in a rush.


Do some light yoga.

Yoga can help relieve some of your stress by relaxing the muscles that hold the skin together.


Take a shower.

Showers are essential for the treatment of acne.

You may need to use a bit more water than usual because of the acidity of the water.


Try to avoid using cosmetics on your face.

Some makeup brands contain ingredients that can irritinate your skin, so use caution if you want to avoid any irritation during your skin-care routine. 


Get your skin tone up.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if you have dry skin, it’s a good idea to get some extra coverage.

It’s not just about adding extra coverage to your cheeks, but also adding a layer of moisturiser around your forehead. 


Try applying some serums.

A few months ago, some of our favourite serums were available on Amazon for just £2.99.

Now they’re a whole lot cheaper.


Try moisturising with an oil.

You can use an oil such as olive or coconut oil to help moisturise the skin.

This is an essential part of any face treatment, as it helps to keep your skin supple and soft. 


Try using a cream on your lips.

If using an oil-based cream, be sure to apply it on your cheeks as well, to help reduce irritation.


Use a moisturiser.

A lot of skin care products have ingredients that irritate the skin, and if you don’t use them in moderation, you can find yourself getting more and more irritated. 


Do your best to keep the sun out.

Even if you are in the shade, you still need to take a few steps to prevent sun damage.


Wear sunscreen.

A bit of sun protection will help prevent the spread the most of the signs that acne is present.


Wear a good eye mask.

Even though the skin may be a little irritated from the sun, some people find it helpful to apply a thin layer of makeup on their face.


Wash away any makeup that has already been applied to your face and eyes.

If there’s any makeup on your skin that you don, it could irritate it even more.


Use moisturisers.

Masks and creams will help to soften and soften the skin as well.

11: Do some gentle cleansing.

It is important to wash away any dirt that may have accumulated on your hands, as this may make the appearance more noticeable.


Try adding some essential oils to your makeup.

Essential oils are the oils that contain essential oils, such as lavender, peppermint and thyme, that have a calming effect on the skin and can help prevent breakouts.


Do regular body scrubs.

A small amount of soap can be added to your hands to gently remove dirt and grime, and the benefits of the soap may help reduce breakouts in the first place.


Do face masks.

If your skin is very dry, you might find it useful to use something to help keep it moisturised.

If it’s dry, a face wash can help keep the skin from drying out and reduce irritation, too, which is also beneficial.  15.