We all know how difficult it can be to stay positive in the midst of tough times.

But now there’s an app that promises to help you stay positive during the Trump administration and beyond.

The app, Beautiful Positive, is a simple app that shows you how to keep positive messages in a beautiful format.

You select a topic and it creates a photo that you can share with friends, family, or a group of people on Facebook.

There’s even a filter option that lets you sort your messages by the subject line.

It’s basically a tool to keep messages positive and encouraging.

You can choose to have your messages read out loud or write them down, too.

The app has already been downloaded over 10,000 times and users are sharing their positive messages with each other on social media.

In a recent blog post, the app’s creator, Jairam Muralidharan, shared how the app works.

“Our goal was to bring a beautiful, human touch to our message-sending experiences, and create a way for users to express themselves and get positive feedback from the people they love,” Murali wrote.

“This was a natural progression of our work as developers of beautiful positive apps.”

The app is available in the Google Play Store, and is currently only available in India.

In the coming weeks, the developer hopes to expand the app in other countries.