I don’t know the details, but I do know this: The last time I saw my mother in person, it was for a phone call.

I was sitting in the living room, watching TV, when she got a call.

It was from a guy I’ve been in touch with since college.

I can’t remember who the guy was.

We’re on the same team.

We texted and spoke on the phone for a few minutes, and he texted back, “Hey, Mom, how are you?”

And she replied, “You’re doing great.

I love you.”

That was it.

She never mentioned that the phone call was over.

And I’m not sure she realized that by then she’d left her daughter on the street.

I have no idea how my mother knew she was leaving my sister and daughter, and I have no clue how she knew she’d been caught.

She did not know that I was going to have to get to know her again on the Internet.

That’s the kind of thing I’m sure her sister would’ve wanted.

And her mother would have wanted it too.

The last I saw of her was after she’d lost her job, when I got a text from her, apologizing for the whole thing and saying, “I love you too.”

But she didn’t want to see me again.

She was so embarrassed, so ashamed.

I don’s not know why she didn`t say, “Thank you so much.”

I’m glad she didn”t.

I know that she had nothing to be embarrassed about.

She wasn’t doing anything wrong.

But it hurt.

I think she would’ve felt a lot better about it if she’d talked to me and said, “Mom, it`s over.”

I don`t know what to do.

I haven`t spoken to her since.

I don’t think I`m going to meet anyone who doesn`t think I can get over my sister.

I know the best way for me to deal with it is to not let it happen.

I’m a strong woman.

I`ve worked hard to become a good mother, and if my sister had told me to go back to the streets and take my own life, I would’ve followed her advice.

I wouldn’t have let it get to that point.

My mother would’ve loved that.

But I don t want her to feel the same way.

I want her not to feel sorry.

I`m not sure what to say.

I have to think about what`s going to happen to my life, and what it`ll be like to be a mother again.

I need to figure out what to tell my daughter, how to tell her, and how to help her to cope.

I need to remember that my sister is alive, and that her family is alive.

And that she has my whole heart.

I won`t let her go back into the darkness, because she is my sister, and she deserves to know that.