Google has just updated its newsfeed to show you a little more info about a post.

The newsfeed updates will now show the most popular stories of the day, along with links to the most interesting articles on other news sources.

If you have an article from the New York Times, for instance, you can now see links to it and a little background on the story.

The Google newsfeed also now has a “Best of” section where you can read all the best stories.

There’s a “Top Stories” section that will highlight the best and most interesting stories on the web and a “Other Stories” and “News” sections.

Google says that the newsfeed update is part of its efforts to make the news more relevant to your audience. 

Google will also highlight the top stories of each day on the news feed to show your users what they’re seeing on the internet.

The new updates are available for both Chrome and Firefox. 

Thanks, Ars Technica reader Josh.