By Elizabeth DeLaurentisCBS News/APIt is hard to describe grandma’s beauty.

The beauty is unmistakable.

But how do you express that beauty to a child?

“You see grandma when you look at her, you see the same smile on her face, you know?

So you can see that it’s just a beautiful smile,” says Stephanie Ritz, grandmother of eight.

When grandma was a little girl, she was always telling her friends that the world looked big in the sky.

The next day, her grandparents said they saw the world.

They saw all of it.

“Grandma, in her late 60s, says the world was a big place and that she could not believe that it could be this beautiful.”

You’re in the world of the world, and it’s all beautiful and beautiful and great,” she says.

But it is also a world of pain, and pain can be scary.

And as grandma grew older, her grandmothers’ eyes grew tired and she stopped looking at them.”

I had to look at my grandkids, I had to stop and be in awe,” she said.

Grandma started to ask her grandchildren about her grandmother’s eyes, and they told her it was the most beautiful thing they ever saw.

She says it was because she wanted to share that with them.

It wasn’t until the 70s that grandma’s grandmother started asking her grandchildren questions about their grandmothers eyes.

They told her that their grandmother’s gaze was so beautiful that they felt like they could see it.

Grandmas eyes were not just beautiful, they were a source of inspiration for their grandmother.”

And I just kept telling her, ‘If you ask me that, I’ll be there, I’m not going to disappoint you,’ ” says grandma, who was born in the 1950s.

For some people, grandma’s beautiful eyes tell them they have a special gift, a gift they have not received. “

They tell us what it means to have a mother who cares about you and wants to make you happy, and also, you have a grandmother who cares for you,” says grandmother Martha, whose eyes were also a source for inspiration.

For some people, grandma’s beautiful eyes tell them they have a special gift, a gift they have not received.

“If grandma’s eyes are so beautiful, why are we going to let them go?

Why not share them?” asks grandmother Linda.

For others, grandma can be a source to understand that they have the gift, even if it is not as obvious as they thought.

“It was really hard for me to get a sense of that for my grandchild,” says grandma Linda.

But grandma can also provide insight into what it is like to be a grandmother, especially when you live in a world that is constantly changing.

“Grandma can be an inspiration for us all,” says granddaughter, Stephanie.