New York magazine’s own Holi Summit 2017 featured a panel discussion on the power of social media.

The article, by Jessica E. Lee and Aishwarya Panchal, is titled “How to Talk About Holi: 10 Rules for Holi”.

Lee and Panchil argue that the ability to share and be heard is the key to a successful festival.

“You’re not going to get anywhere without having the ability and ability to connect with people and have an impact on people’s lives,” Lee said.

“You’re going to have to be able to make them feel good about themselves.”

So when you talk about the experience, you have to also talk about how that experience is going to affect your own life.

“We’re going, ‘What’s going to happen to me?’ and the answer is, ‘It’s going in a different direction,'” she said. 

Lee’s point of view is that a lot of the conversation around Holi is about identity and whether or not people are going to feel safe going to festivals.

“The biggest challenge for festivals is that people are so obsessed with the identity of their festival that they forget that the experience is really about celebrating what makes us who we are,” she said, adding that there are too many festival-goers who don’t feel like they belong at a festival.

“The biggest thing that’s missing from festivals is the sense of community, the sense that there’s something you can do that brings you together,” Lee added. 

For many, festival life is a solitary experience and Lee and Pancal have a different perspective.

“I don’t think Holi should be about celebrating people who are just a little bit different from you.

Holi needs to be about people who have been there before and have experience,” Lee told the panel. 

“You can have that experience at the same time as you’re going out to celebrate.

Holis festivals are great because they’re really personal,” Pancale told the event. 

The panelist said she wanted to talk with festivalgoers about why they came to a festival, whether they would consider coming again and how to keep their festival experience alive.

“What is the experience that’s most fulfilling to you?

What is the most exciting?

And if you’re not sure, ask yourself what it is you really like about being at a Holi festival.

Holies are all about that,” Lee explained. 

Pancale and Lee, along with others in the audience, are working on an upcoming book called Holies, Holi, Holies.

The book is called “Holies: How to Talk Holi.” 

It will be published in September.