The message is intended to be uplifting and not offensive to those in need of support and compassion.

The idea is to remind people of the joys of the season, but to also remind people to be kind to one another and to be mindful of the impact they may have on others.

The message encourages people to embrace the season by celebrating the diversity and goodness in everyone.

The natural beauty blog says its message is based on the Christian belief that there are more of us than just the same old white people.

“We don’t want to feel like we’re excluding anybody, we don’t even want to be seen as excluding anybody,” blog co-founder Katie Tompkins said in a statement.

“The idea of celebrating diversity is so incredibly powerful and meaningful.

It’s not that we’re rejecting anyone, but that we acknowledge the fact that there’s a lot of different people in our world.”

Tompkin says she and her husband, writer and broadcaster Rob Tompons, decided to create the message after seeing a Facebook post by another blogger that included a link to the blog.

“It was a really moving post, really moving for us,” Tompks said.

“I mean, it felt like we were being judged.

And it really gave us the strength to keep going.

We really wanted to keep saying thank you to people who are so brave to stand up for what they believe in.”

The blog also released an online video that features photos of Tompkys and Rob Tomsons, who wrote a blog called “What’s in a Name” for their son who was diagnosed with autism.

In the video, Rob Tomons talks about how his son had an accident in the woods, but he has been “invisible” and has remained in a wheelchair.

“When Rob and I got diagnosed, we had no idea that autism existed, but we were very proud of Rob and his work,” Tomkins said.

The blog has also hosted a number of educational sessions for children with autism, including a program in which students were given a tutorial on how to make a thank-you card, according to the statement.

The Tomskins’ message also includes messages like “A beautiful tree washes its tears,” and “It’s okay to cry,” to remind viewers to hold on to that “lightness and warmth” and not let their heart or emotions control them.