The #BeautyChallenge is the official contest to encourage India to grow its own soup and be a global leader in food.

The #BeautysQuesoChallenge has also been launched to encourage Indians to become more active in the food and health sectors.

The contest has been launched with a message that says ‘Make your dreams come true’ and that India needs to be more active and ambitious.

It is part of the Global Vision 2025 launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It has also got the tag of ‘Make India Healthy’, the Prime Minister’s message to all Indians.

The hashtags beautiful byear and beautiful soup have also been created on the #hottestindia challenge facebook page.

Beautiful byear is a hashtag used to share images and stories of great people and countries.

Beautiful soup is a popular Indian dish made with a tomato soup and onion soup.

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Read more The hashtag Beautiful ladies messages is a post by an Indian woman who is the youngest winner of the #challenge.

She has been called a ‘beautiful lady’ and is an inspiration to many people.

“I want to share my stories of success and life journey to encourage others to live life like me,” she wrote.

The hashtag Beautiful ladies message was created by Anil Shastri and has already attracted more than 1.4 million likes on the hashtag.