When it comes to sending beautiful text messages, your friends can be your biggest source of inspiration.

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that nearly two-thirds of US adults have a friend or family member who’s sending beautiful texts.

A study from the University of Cambridge also found that people who use text messaging are more likely to have positive feelings toward the person sending them.

And when it comes down to it, text messaging can be as powerful as writing a beautiful letter to someone.

Texting, of course, is just one of many ways people can express themselves in the digital world.

Here are 10 beautiful ways to get messages.


Text a picture The easiest way to send a message is to just text a picture.

Text messages are perfect for this, as they allow people to easily convey emotion without having to rely on facial expressions or facial expressions alone.

You can also text a photo to someone you admire or a friend.

This can be great when you’re not sure if they’re okay with your feelings.

The text messages you get from people you admire, for example, can be very powerful, as you can tell them you’re worried about them.

You could also text them to show them your favorite picture.

You might want to make sure they read your message, but you might want them to also see your message.

A photo of you with a dog on your arm can be especially inspiring to text.


Reply with a photo Another popular way to get a text message is by typing it out.

This is one of the easiest ways to text someone and has the added bonus of being incredibly personal.

For instance, typing out a message like, “Hey!” is very personal.

When you type it out, you’re sending a message that you don’t expect to receive.

The same is true for when you reply.

You’re sending an invitation to someone to come to your home, which can be powerful and often a great way to show you care about them and your family.

You’ll also be sending a personal message that makes it easy for them to understand and respond to you.


Send a text that says, “I love you” It’s easy to forget that your messages are often just text messages.

You may not be sure if a friend, relative, or colleague will respond to your message until you actually send it.

But you can still use a text to get your message across, which is great for people you know.

Text to someone on a work call or on a school project, for instance, and you’ll be receiving a message from them.

This might not be the best way to share a text, but it will get you out of the situation quicker.


Send an emoji or picture that says “I miss you” The emoji are a simple way to communicate that a person loves you.

This works best if you send a photo of a picture that you love.

People will also respond with emoji when you send them a text.


Reply to a friend with a beautiful message A text that tells someone that you’re thinking of them can be really powerful.

When a person responds to a text like, “[You’re thinking] of me?

I miss you,” you can see that they’re genuinely excited to hear from you.

It’s also a great moment for a person who’s just been through a hard time to talk to you and make up for lost time.

When it’s time to text a friend again, they’ll be more likely have positive emotions towards you.


Send one-to-one messages You can send a one-on-one message to someone that’s sending you messages from an app.

For example, a person might reply to a message by texting a picture of them.

It can be incredibly powerful to see that someone cares about you, and to hear them tell you how they feel.


Text someone to make them smile A simple one-off message can be an effective way to express your emotions.

It could also be a great opportunity for you to say, “Hello,” which is a great feeling to have when you text someone you’re happy to see.


Text something to tell them your birthday You can text someone to send you a birthday card, which they’ll probably respond to with a picture they love.

When someone responds to you with, “Hi!” it’s a great reminder to them that they can reach you with messages as well.


Send flowers to a loved one Flowers can also be an incredibly powerful way to give someone a hug.

A person who is receiving a text from you could say, “[We love] you.

I wish I could say something more, but I just feel you.”

It’s a beautiful way to tell someone how much you care.


Text your loved ones to let them know you love them Another powerful way you can let someone know you care is to send flowers.

People love flowers and you can add a special touch to them by