PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has promised to make $1 trillion worth of relief funds available for victims of the deadly coronavirus outbreak by the end of the month.

Trump, who has faced widespread criticism over the coronaviruses’ delay in reaching the United States, said in a tweet on Sunday that he’d sign a $10 trillion bill in the next two weeks.

He later tweeted a video showing him signing the bill with the message “I’m making this big day a big day!”

In his first official tweet since the bill was released, Trump tweeted, “I will sign a trillion-dollar bill to help the victims of COVID.

I am doing it.”

The president, who will be at the White House on Monday to mark the 75th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, also made a point of praising his first lady, Melania, for “doing a great job.”

He also called for an end to the federal government’s quarantine of people coming into the country from countries that have a history of transmitting coronavirence.

“We should stop the current quarantine and allow everyone in the world to come into the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the rest of the world and live in peace,” Trump tweeted.

“I am doing everything in my power to make that happen.”

A senior White House official said Sunday that Trump will be signing the $10-trillion bill with a statement thanking the American people for their support during the coronas outbreak.