Posted October 02, 2018 08:31:59 Today, Instagram is looking to be the next big thing for women’s beauty.

They’re launching a new beauty product called Beautiful Boyfriend.

The company says that it’s the best of both worlds, as it offers both beauty and beauty messages.

Beautiful Boyfriends are a collection of photos, messages, and messages that each come in their own style and tone.

The message and photos are both available for purchase in the app, and you can use the hashtag #beautifulboyfriend to share the content with your friends.

“The beauty and romance that goes along with your boyfriends beautiful smile and eyes can only come from being with him, and the beautiful moments you have with him can only be a result of your beautiful boyfriends gorgeous smile and heart,” Instagram says.

The beauty products will be available at Instagram stores nationwide.

Beauty Boyfriend will cost $19.99.

The company says the app will be open to anyone with an Instagram account.