Beautiful picture messages are the best way to express yourself when you’re looking for inspiration, but they can also cause embarrassment if you’re caught out, and that can be a huge barrier to getting noticed.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep yourself and others in the public eye.


Don’t lie about your skin tone 2.

Don “look good” when talking about your looks 3.

If you have a full head of hair, you can always wear a wig or make up 4.

When someone asks you if you are wearing a wig, say “no”.


If someone asks if you have had surgery or surgery made them feel less embarrassed 6.

Always smile, even when people don’t think you are 6.

Never look away from someone you don’t know, even if it’s because you don.


If a stranger starts to touch you, say: “please don’t touch me”.


If your partner asks you out and you say yes, you are a good person and will be treated well and you are not trying to be creepy.


If there is someone standing next to you and you look embarrassed, say something like: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable”.


If the person is looking at you but you are embarrassed, don’t say anything.

You may be surprised what they will say.


If somebody is talking to you from the other side of a barrier, say no. 12.

If it is your first time seeing someone in a public place and you don the appropriate attire, you don�t have to wear a mask or hide anything.


Never, ever ask if someone has been through surgery.


If anyone asks you what your name is, just say:  “John”.


If another person is talking with you in a group, make sure you get to know them first.


Always use the correct pronoun.


Always look away if someone starts talking to your friends.


Never say something that makes you look uncomfortable.


Always stop talking to people and look away.


If they are saying: “Are you wearing the right mask?”, say “No”.


If an attractive person asks you to put your hand on their shoulder and they are wearing the wrong mask, just ignore them.


If two people are talking and you think you can pick out one, but then they turn around and they see you and the other person, say  “”No””.


If three people are chatting and you see one person’s face and the others look like they don’t want to talk to you, ask them to stop talking.


If more than one person is chatting and someone is talking about you, you may have to stop and look them in the eye.


When you are alone, if someone is touching you, don�’t put your arm around them or hold their hand or arm.


If people are doing something inappropriate, do not be embarrassed or defensive about it. 27.

If something is offensive to you in public, do the best you can to be civil and avoid it. 28.

Never let someone tell you to do something that is inappropriate.


Never tell someone you are offended by something.


If others are touching you or they are acting in a way that is offensive, do NOT let them touch you or tell them to do anything.


Always ask when someone is going to touch someone.


Always take a step back from people who are talking to other people.


Always be respectful when people ask you to hold a person in place or look at something.


Never ask a person to be more respectful. 35.

Don�t say something insulting or hurtful, especially when it is someone who you know.


Never take a picture of someone without their permission.


Always give people permission to touch your face and body.


Never use the same word as someone else, especially if it is something you would normally use to say: sorry.


Always avoid asking for help.


Never ever make jokes about yourself or your body, especially not when they are directed at other people or at yourself.


Always check the age of someone who has asked you to touch them.


If other people are sitting next to them, try to make eye contact.


When a person is making eye contact with you, do as they say.


Never make eye-contact with someone who is looking directly at you.


Never smile when you are looking at someone else.


Don`t let anyone interrupt you when you talk.


Always say your name when you walk into a restaurant, especially in public places.

48. Don’ t say