Posted by Fox Sports on Saturday, May 13, 2018 03:10:19In an Instagram post, Instagram user @najay_sharma shared a message from his mother who told him he has received a message in his Instagram feed.

The message was sent from an account @jamesy_watson, who was a senior at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and was known to his friends as @joseph_matt.

“Beautiful afternoon messages,” he wrote.

“I received a beautiful photo of my mom that said, ‘Your Mom is beautiful.

She has such an incredible spirit.'””

Beauty sublimes into beauty, it is like a secret handshake.

We need more beautiful messages to make our worlds more beautiful.””

We need more beauty messages from our parents and grandparents.””

The beauty in your smile is a gift.

It is a reminder to be present.

It reminds us of how beautiful we are.

And to be beautiful is our gift.””

I am not going to lie.

I was surprised by it.

I have been told this by my mom and by her friends.

But it was a beautiful afternoon message from my mom.”JAMESY WATKINS: Mother, sister, son, husband to win a new Facebook dealThe former University of Washington football player and former UW coach won a $3.6 million deal with Facebook.

The company said he received the message in response to a post he made about his wife’s cancer treatments.

“We were very impressed by the way he responded,” Facebook spokeswoman Emily Wiehl said in a statement.

“He wrote a beautiful letter and a beautiful video message, and it really struck a chord with his family and friends.”

“He was so gracious in sharing this story and in sharing his story with them.

We are all proud to have him as one of our employees.” 

The mother and brother said they hope to celebrate the birthday of their son, James Watson, on Saturday.

“I think we should celebrate him as a good person,” the family said in the Instagram post.

“It would be nice to have a little celebration, just to say, ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.'” 

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