The NFL is the league of the world, and it has made strides to get the league’s male players into the spotlight.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the best NFL players that have ever played.1.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning2.

John Elway and Aaron Rodgers3.

Roger Staubach and Steve Young4.

Joe Montana and Brett Favre5.

Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck6.

Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Hernandez7.

Brett Favurr and Dan Marino8.

Joe Namath and Steve Harvey9.

John Beck and Jeff Garcia10.

Matt Stairs and Steve Wyche11.

Bill Belichick and John Elways12.

Joe Gibbs and Steve Grogan13.

Warren Moon and Joe Montana14.

Ben Johnson and Tim Tebow15.

Joe Flacco and Donovan McNabb16.

Donovan McNab and Chris Borland17.

Ben McAdoo and Bill Belichick18.

Drew Brees and Matt Hasselbeck19.

Brian Billick and Jimbo Fisher20.

Tony Romo and Steve McNair21.

Johnnie Moore and Joe Nambois22.

Mark Brunell and Mike Pouncey23.

Mark Sanchez and Tony Romo24.

Brian Griese and Kevin Gilbride25.

Brett Lee and Kurt Warner26.

Brett Hundley and Tim Bradshaw27.

Mark Ingram and Steve Johnson28.

Brett Jones and Brett Hurd29.

Dan Marino and Troy Aikman30.

Mike Leach and Scott Coker31.

Joe Paterno and Greg Schiano32.

John Madden and Kevin O’Connell33.

Steve Young and Scott Clark34.

Bill Walsh and Mike Holmgren35.

Joe Carter and Steve Bartkowski36.

Mike Ditka and Dave Gettleman37.

Kurt Warner and Joe Gibbs38.

Pete Carroll and Paul Brown39.

Joe Tressel and Mike Shanahan40.

Joe Blevins and Tom Landry41.

Joe Schmidt and Pete Carroll42.

Dan Reeves and Rob Gronkowski43.

Dan Fouts and John Lynch44.

Tony Dungy and John Madden45.

Tom Flores and Brett Anderson46.

Kevin Johnson and Jim Kelly47.

Mike Singletary and Kevin Faulk48.

Brett Hull and Terry Bradshaw49.

Tom Brunson and Dan Fincher50.

Mike Webster and Scott Linehan51.

Bill Parcells and Rob Mariano52.

Joe Buck and Joe McKnight53.

Greg Hardy and Brett Jones54.

Brett Heidari and Chris Kluwe55.

Jim Kelly and Brett Michaels56.

Jim Brown and Tony Dorsett57.

Rob Gronk and Brett Gooden58.

Rob Ninkovich and Paul Tagliabue59.

Jeff Garcia and John Schneider60.

Mike Mularkey and Joe Thomas61.

Tom Coughlin and Tony Dunphy62.

Mike McCarthy and Dave Krieg63.

Joe Thomas and John David Crow64.

Troy Aulie and Tom Brady65.

Dan Campbell and John Dorsey66.

Bill Polian and Joe Philbin67.

Dan Bynum and Rob Ryan68.

Paul Tagliano and Paul Warfield69.

Mike Holgorsen and Jim McMahon70.

Mark Jackson and Tony Gonzalez71.

Troy Brown and Tim Couch72.

Joe Mays and Brett Williams73.

Jeff Hostetler and Bill Parrott74.

Dan Graziano and John Harbaugh75.

Tom Landrieu and Brett Ratner76.

Joe Woods and Steve Smith77.

Dan Carpenter and Tony Boucher78.

Joe Johnson and John Taylor79.

Tom Dempsey and Brett Butler80.

Brett Goode and John Fassel81.

Brian Urlacher and Brett Jackson82.

Joe Greene and Brett Meacham83.

Steve McNally and Terry Bowden84.

Tony Gonzalez and Tony Brown85.

John Sullivan and Steve Largent86.

Joe Dumars and Jim Johnson87.

Joe Young and Vince Young88.

Tim Brown and Steve Nash89.

Joe Staley and John Riggins90.

Mike Vanderjagt and Matt Schaub91.

Dan Wiederer and Steve Dykes92.

Joe Theismann and Tom Bradshaw93.

Tom Green and Steve Stoute94.

Steve Bisciotti and Brett Brackett95.

John Paul Jones and Dan Snyder96.

Tom Thibodeau and Paul Chryst97.

Steve Loomis and Brett Schiller98.

Mike Shanahan and Rob Nussmeier99.

Steve Kerr and John McKay100.

Vince Lombardi and John Travolta101.

Steve McManus and Tom Flores102.

Steve Nash and Mike Sherman103.

Joe Ferguson and Joe Buck104.

Joe Nieuwenhuis and Troy Zbarra105.

Mike Bibby and Brett Hebert106.

Dan Le Batard and Tom Leyland107.

Steve Smith and Brett Hull108.

Dan Snyder and Vince Wilfork109.

Jeff Fisher and Dan Gilbert110. Tom