We are thankful for the video of two young girls at home who are recovering from serious illness.

They are beautiful.

The two girls are in critical condition after they were transported to hospital with critical burns to their faces and bodies.

The videos of the two girls were captured by a Facebook friend and posted by The Guardian.

The friends post was shared more than 2.5 million times and has since been viewed nearly 5.7 million times.

The Facebook post shows a mother and daughter, both 16 years old, in the intensive care unit.

The two girls, who have been referred to as Mika and Saima, are visibly upset and crying.

They look at the mother with tears streaming down their faces.

The mother says she has seen the mother cry several times during her daughter’s life and they have been close friends since childhood.

She said the mother has had to deal with multiple injuries to her daughter and that her daughter is in a lot of pain.

They have been in the ICU for several days and are both in very serious condition, according to the Facebook post.

Mika’s father said the two are very lucky to have survived the attack.

The mother said she is thankful for all the love she has received from her family and friends.

She said her daughter was an honor student and an excellent student.

She has also been accepted into the University of Sydney, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Saima’s father, Sajad, said the little girl is lucky to be alive.

He said the family is very happy to have Mika back.

I’m very happy because she’s so young, he said.

In a message to the family, the girl’s mother said: “We love you all very much and we want to keep our kids close to us.

We are grateful for all your kind words, messages and kind wishes.”

The mother, Saimal, and the girl have been moved to the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital.