A Canadian woman is sharing a message of hope, love and acceptance with the world in a series of messages posted on Facebook.

The message, posted on Wednesday, reads: “I’m a little girl who has a beautiful face.

I’m an angel and I’m going to be okay.

I love you and I hope you find peace in your heart.

I have a message for all of you.

I am going to keep my love alive.

I hope I can give you a beautiful life.”

It has been posted more than 4,700 times since it was posted on Tuesday, with more than 50,000 likes.

Alicia Serna, who is also known as Alicia L., is an American transgender woman and transgender activist who lives in Toronto.

She said she was inspired to post the message after seeing a story on CBC’s Marketplace about the story of a transgender woman in South Africa who was killed after being stabbed in her home by her boyfriend.

Serna said she knew that the stories of trans people of colour are often told in stories that don’t reflect the lives of trans women of colour.

She also knows that she has been targeted and attacked online for being trans and is not the only one to have experienced this.

“I have had to fight to be heard,” she said.

“And so I feel like this is a message that I can help people to understand that this is not okay.

It is not acceptable.

It’s not safe for any one person to experience this.

So I wanted to share my story.”‘

I’m going on the offensive’Sernan said she decided to start posting the message to show her support for transgender people, but also to encourage others to do the same.

“So if you see something on Facebook or Instagram, share it with your friends, family, colleagues and people who you know who are trans.

I think it will help everyone else to hear from one another, to know each other and to be kind,” she explained.”

It’s going on in our communities right now.

It should be happening everywhere.”‘

It’s a huge wake up call’Sennan said that as a transgender person, she was often the target of bullying, hate and even violence.

“The most common things that I heard about me were, ‘You’re a woman with a vagina,’ ‘You look like a woman, so you’re not a woman,'” she said, adding that she often had to hide her true identity to protect her family.

“When I’m out and about, I don’t see any trans people.

I feel very invisible.

I can’t even get my car out of the garage.”‘

This is not OK’Alicias Sernan says she is posting messages of hope and acceptance to inspire others to see the trans community as a whole.

“I am sharing my story and I want people to know that this isn’t okay,” she added.

“It’s not acceptable to think that a person of colour, a woman of colour is different than you, that’s not OK.

We are all the same.”

Sernas mother said that when she first came out, she wasn’t accepted in her community.

“They would laugh at me and they would say that I’m crazy.

They would say, ‘Oh, you’re so crazy you don’t have a girlfriend,'” she recalled.

“So I always had this fear that if I told anyone, I would be considered crazy.”

When she finally came out to her family, she said she realized that she was no longer the person she was when she was born.

“My family has become more accepting,” she continued.

“They’ve said, ‘If you’re a girl, you have to shave your legs.’

And I was like, ‘No, I can shave my legs.’

They are more accepting now.”

But I am still a little kid with a smile on my face.

And I have this beautiful face.